Glenn Van Acker- °1988 –  Vilvoorde

Bachelor Fine Arts – Luca School of Arts, Brussels. 2015

Man is fundamentally alone, unable to think, act or communicate beyond his own physical limitations. Disregarding mans existential limitations, some limits of communication aren’t as impossible to overcome. The introduction of cross-medial concepts, and synesthesia could provide the artist with the possibilities of either choosing a neutral position concerning his concept, or guide the viewer towards his own more subjective position.

In my work I apply concepts and practices inherent to specific media to other media in order to break down these boundaries. The application of musical theory on color, for example, allows me to translate a really specific feeling into a pallet. In this way, I combine personal expression with a pseudo-scientific approach, exploring the possibilities of cross-medial concepts and man’s synesthetic abilities.

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Glenn Van Acker